Simply put, we are committed to God and committed to making God known to the world. Our mission - to raise up mature disciples who intentionally help people find and follow Jesus.

Find and Follow

At HTC, we want to help you FIND Jesus and to know Him as your Lord and Savior. All who believe in Him are made right with God. Regardless of where you are at, your circumstance, or even your past, there is no greater decision to make in your lifetime than the decision to know and follow Jesus Christ as your Lord.  Have you found a relationship in Jesus yet? [Click here...]

It’s important to note that simply knowing 'about' Jesus is not enough (Matt 15:8; Isa 29:13); God wants you to know Him personally and intimately (Acts 17:27; Heb 13:5). As we abide in Him, we begin to grow, to mature, to transform into the man or woman He calls us to be (John 15; 2 Cor 5:17; Eph 4:15). We at Harbor Trinity want to help you along this endeavor, to walk with you and disciple you as you follow Christ. 

What to expect when visiting?

[ Service starts at 10am ]


    Our Sunday gatherings are casual and relaxed. Come as you are! We want you to feel at home.


    Not to toot our own horn, but we often hear from people who visit that they felt welcomed and/or at home. So in a discussion about what you can expect when visiting HTC, we hope that this is the case for you too.


    Ya that's right - donuts! Sure it may be a little unhealthy but they're church donuts! More importantly, this is a time before service when people can meet other church family members, welcome guests, and share a cup of coffee together. Be sure to take advantage of this time prior to service around 9:45am.


    Nothing touches the heart quite like music. We love to express our praise and devotion to God, and there’s room for every kind of voice and instrument to contribute (Psalm 96, 150). Each week you'll experience a blend of contemporary worship music mixed with hymns or classic praise, all performed by our HTC band. We may at times invite a recording artist or our local Vanguard University Choir to lead us in worship.


    Each week you'll experience a relevant engaging message from one of our pastors. We teach straight from the Bible and believe it to be the authoritative source for Christian beliefs and living. Would you like to sample a recent sermon? [Listen here...]


    If you have kids, we want you to feel confident that they are safe and content so that you can participate in the worship service without distraction. That's why each week we offer KIDS' Church for children all the way from Nursery to 6th grade. These classes are led by attentive, caring, and background-checked teachers, seeking to lead each child into an authentic relationship with Jesus. [Read more...]

    We also offer both Jr High and High School classes during worship, where students will participate in worship and then exit to the youth room for an appropriate and relevant message. [Read more...]

Looking for more info?

At Harbor Trinity Church, we aim to help you connect with a loving church and more importantly with a loving God through Jesus. If you have any further questions that were not answered above, visit our website by clicking the link below.