Breaking Ground

Harbor Trinity Church began to take shape in 1955 with a small group of Christians who were seeking a church that would remain true to the Bible. Not knowing it at the time, this small group of believers would soon become the charter members of an established church in 1955, known as Harbor Trinity Baptist Church.

Growing Pains

As Costa Mesa and the surrounding communities began to grow and develop, Harbor Trinity was experiencing its own growing pains. To better reach the people in the community HTC broke ground yet again and constructed a two story educational wing. This not only allowed them to create more classrooms for Sunday school and Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), but is also created space to consider instituting a private Christian preschool in the heart of the Costa Mesa community.

The Story Continues...

In the Fall of 1982 Harbor Trinity campaigned and launched a preschool. Since then the preschool has added more students, classrooms, and staffed more and more teachers and aids. The mission that started long ago continues today - to nurture and assist students and their families in developing a relationship with Jesus Christ and to inspire them to make Him known to others.