Upcoming events at a glance

Harbor Trinity Preschool


Monday- Friday

7:15 a.m. -5:30 p.m.

(714) 556-4335

Face masks are required on adults ONLY.

Temperature readings and hand sanitizer will be administered upon arrival.

June 17 & 18

Donuts For Dad

This year our Donuts with Dad will be a little different. 

Look for the special "Daddy" table in front of your child's classroom and pick up you special treat "TO GO".

June 24 & 25

End of year Classroom parties

We will be celebrating all our accomplishments this past year with a fun filled party. 

Each class will have parent sign ups. Please check with your child's teacher for more information.

June 25

Last day of school

This will be our last day of the school year and we are looking forward to a Super Summer Splash camp.

If you have not already registered contact the preschool office for more information.

Don't wait spots are filling up fast! 

Fall Registration 2021/22 School

Reminder that 2021/22 fall registration is open and spots are still available.

Please contact the preschool for more details.


Want to see some more of our activities?

Throughout the course of the year, we provide many fun and educational activities right here on campus. The purpose of these activities not only enhances the areas of study given each week but it also keeps the process of learning enjoyable and fun.