Active learning through activities

Throughout the course of the year, we provide many fun and educational activities right here on campus. The purpose of these activities is not only to enhance the areas of study given each week but also to keep the process of learning enjoyable and fun.
Playgrounds in Costa Mesa

Outside Activities

We have a spacious and welcoming playground for all ages. During outside play the children have the opportunity to further develop large ​motor and social skills at different activity areas on our playground such as soccer, building blocks, bikes, swings and sandbox area.

Art in Costa Mesa

Art & Writing Activities

All of our art activities correlate with our unit of study to reinforce what is being taught ​throughout the week. Activities will be offered that are designed to strengthen and develop fine motor skills. Students will be encouraged to use the proper grip and use of a pencil and to print letters.

Lizard in Costa Mesa

Lizard Wizard

The Lizard Wizard visits our school during our reptile week for a hands-on look into the world of reptiles, amphibians, and arachnids. Your children will get to participate in the show and may be selected to sit in the "dare chair" and hold one of the Lizard Wizard's special friends.

Bounce Houses in Costa Mesa

Bounce House

At the beginning of the school year, we bounce into learning and have fun. It’s always a treat for our students and even some teachers to join in. We typically schedule our bounce house activity during space week.


Puppy Day

At some point in the school year, we invite our cute furry friends on our campus as we study about "animals." Each class has a scheduled time to play and visit with a whole pack of puppies to ensure that all students get a turn holding a puppy.


Pony Rides & Pictures

“Little Buckaroo” will be visiting the preschool, a picture will be taken of each child while they have an opportunity to ride a pony. Parents will be able to view the pictures and purchase them if they would like.


Snow Day

This is a favorite of many kids. We bring the snow to our playground where the students enjoy making snow angels and snowmen with their friends.

Fire Truck

Big John the Talking Fire Truck

Big John and his firefighting friend will visit and share with us all about fire safety and what to do in case of an emergency.


Mobile Tide Pool

Captain Carl will teach us all about the sea creatures he found in our ocean. This creates a hands-on approach to learning about each sea animal.


Balloon Artist

At some point throughout the school year, a balloon artist will be visiting our school to make his amazing balloon creations for each student to take home!
Curious if any activities are coming up?

Are you curious about an upcoming event? Can't remember when the activity is scheduled? No problem, we got you covered. We want to keep you in the loop and up-to-date with all that is happening here at HTP, just click on the link below to see our calendar at a glance.


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