Curriculum tailored for your child

Our curriculum will vary depending on the age range of the students in each classroom however, all students will experience the following:
Preschool Calendar in Costa Mesa


Students will learn and review throughout the year about the days of the week, months, and year.
Capture the Flag in Costa Mesa

Pledge of Allegiance

Each week students will recite the pledge of allegiance to the American flag.
Bible Teaching in Costa Mesa


Each week the students will study a different story from the Bible and learn a practical application.
Capture the Flag in Costa Mesa


Chapel is held once a week, alternating every other Thursday and Friday. Favorite Bible stories and songs are used to reinforce lessons. Parents are invited to attend if they choose.

Graduate Preschool in Costa Mesa

Unit of Study

Every week students will study weekly units such as seasons, holidays, animals, space, our families and much more.

Science for Kids in Costa Mesa

Science & Health

Each class will explore God’s creation by studying animals, plants, weather, nutrition, and hygiene.

Preschool Learning

Political Science


Each week we will introduce a new fact about our country, our presidents and the world around us.

Music Program in Costa Mesa

Music Appreciation

Students will participate in songs and rhythmic activity, dance, creative movement and finger plays. The classes will also engage in the use of musical instruments and make music together!

Kids Activities in Costa Mesa

Perceptual Motor Skills

Activities that promote the development of your child’s large motor skills will be planned each week. The class may play a relay game or take turns on the balance beam, etc.

Learning Blocks in Costa Mesa

Language & Vocabulary

Language arts, stories, share time, finger plays and music are incorporated into the curriculum to provide students opportunities for language development.

Art Icon costa Mesa


Teachers will encourage the proper use of scissors, glue and other art materials as students create an original piece of art.

Food Icon

Cooking Experience

Students will participate in cooking projects on a regular basis. This is a great way for students to learn about counting, measuring and sequencing skills. Of course students always enjoy eating their special treats too!
Pre-School 2-3 years old

In addition, pre-school aged students will study:

  • Letters & Numbers:
    Students will explore the alphabet, and numbers 1-10.
  • Math Concepts:
    Students will be introduced to counting and sorting.
  • Colors and Shapes:
    Students will be encouraged to recognize and name colors and shapes.
Pre-K 4-6 years old

In addition, pre-kindergarten students will study:

  • Phonics & Reading Readiness:
    Students will be introduced to: letter recognition, phonetic sounds, long and short vowel sounds and blending two letter sounds together.
  • Writing:
    Activities will be offered that are designed to strengthen and develop fine motor skills. Students will be encouraged to use the proper grip and use of a pencil and to print letters.
  • Math Concepts:
    Students will be introduced to: patterning and sequencing skills, problem solving skills, recognizing numbers 1-50. Students will use manipulatives to add and subtract.
  • Classifying & Opposite Concepts:
    Activities will include opportunities for students to develop their discrimination skills.

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